Ancient Messini is one of the most important cities of ancient Greece in terms of size, format & maintenance. It has not been covered from modern settlements and is located in an extraordinary Mediterranean landscape. Theatre of Ancient Messini is dated from 3rd century BC and its construction presages colossal theaters of ancient Roman period. Given its size, the theatre was also used as a point of political mass concentrations.


Saturday, June 7th

Welcome [from our host Kostis Maraveyias]

21:00 - 21:15

Simon Critchley

21:15 - 21:40


21:40 - 21:50

Pearson Adam

21:50 - 22:10

Alexandra Cousteau

22:10 - 22:30

Safak Pavey

22:30 - 22:50


22:50 - 23:20

Alyssa Carson

23:20 - 23:40

Daniel "Cloud" Campos

23:40 - 24:00

Nery Guilleume

24:00 - 24:20


24:20 - 24:30

Giorgos Lazaridis

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Kostis Maraveyas

Maraveyas Ilegál is the work of the Greek singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Kostis Maraveyas. Maraveyas sings in Greek, English, Spanish and Italian. He began his musical career in Italy where he studied Statistics & Mathematics at the University of Bari, as well as piano, harmony, counterpoint & fugue at the Conservatory Niccoló Piccini of Bari. While there, he played with groups such as Yamas and X-darawish, which combined a variety of languages and musical styles. His first album with X-darawish (il Manifesto 1998) was released in Italy. His music combines Mediterranean and Balkan elements, colorful arrangements and jazz and bossa nova influences. His most recent release is “Welcome To Greece” (EMI 2009). He’s been touring regularly with his live band in Greece and other European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Italy and Belgium. Maraveyas Ilegal’s live shows in Greece are often sold out.


Sunday, June 8th

TEDxKalamata is organising this year an amazing party at Kastraki with Maraveyas iLLegal. Don't miss it!